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Hi there! I’m Jai!

Founder, Attorney, Training Counselor, and Firearms Instructor. Jai is a certified National Rifle Association (“NRA”) Basic Pistol, and Rifle Instructor, and a Chief Range Safety Officer. As the founder and owner of the company, Jai brings a unique perspective to the firearms space highlighting the physical, mental and legal aspects of responsible firearms ownership. 

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Safety  is what we do...

As a comprehensive personal safety group, we offer our students tangible skills relevant to the everyday citizen interested in becoming a more knowledgeable firearm owner. From beginners to advanced shooters, our team brings decades of experience in personal safety, prevention and ultimately, survival

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Safety  is who we are...

Our mission is simple, we want to equip our students with relevant instruction such that they can confidently and competently be their family’s first responder.

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SIRT pistols are an excellent way to hone in on your fundamental marksman and defensive shooting skills. SIRTS offer a safe way to dry fire, practice trigger control, sight alignment, and proper grip. They also work well with training inexperienced family members or children. SIRT 110, Laser Red, Slide Color Options: Red, Green, Purple, and Pink

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As of recent case law, the State of Maryland became a"shall issue"state which means that residents and non-residents alike, that meet certain criteria, will be granted a concealed carry permit upon application.

  • Maryland Wear and Carry


  • Bundle Concealed Carry Course (No HQL)


  • Utah or FL or VA or AZ Concealed Carry Course


  • Very informative, step by step application submission process, always available to answer any questions. Will definitely recommend.

    Kevin B / Class taken on Jan 13, 2024

  • The instructor was knowledgeable and very personable. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in becoming a Certified Handgun Instructor….

    James C. / Class taken on Nov 13, 2023

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