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Hi There! I’m Jai!  

Founder, Attorney, Training Counselor, and Firearms Instructor. Jai is a certified Basic Pistol Instrucor, and Rifle Instructor, and a Chief Range Safety Officer.

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As the founder and owner of the company, Jai brings a unique perspective to the firearms space highlighting the physical, mental and legal aspects of responsible firearms ownership. 

About  Our Company

As a comprehensive personal safety group, we offer our students tangible skills relevant to the everyday citizen interested in becoming a more knowledgeable firearm owner. From beginners to advanced shooters, our team brings decades of experience in personal safety, prevention and ultimately, survival. 

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Our Mission Is Simple

We want to equip our students with relevant instruction such that they can confidently and competently be their family’s first responder. 

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We host courses in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Baltimore City, Towson, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and many other locations. Our certification capacity includes the Maryland Handgun Qualification License, the Maryland Wear and Carry, District of Columbia Concealed Carry, Virginia, Arizona, Utah, Florida and many more. Beyond carry certifications, we offer “Should I Shoot” Legal Seminar, “Stop the Bleeding,” Family Firearms Safety Course and so much more…

This Will Ensure The Proper Care, Handling, And Security Of Your New Glock. If You Purchase Custom Or High Performance  Parts For Your Glock. 

  • Phenomenal class. Very interactive. Very professional. Very well facilitated. Would 100% recommend J to anyone seeking training, whether it be future instructors or future firearm owners.

    -Arno / Class taken on Jul 29, 2023

  • I really enjoyed my Instructor Course - J. W. is a very knowledgeable Training Counselor. She was very thorough with all aspects of the USCCA curriculum. I would have to say my favorite portion was Use of Force. Keep up the excellent job!

    Mieke M. / Class taken on Oct 29, 2022